Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil


A product from Rita’s homeland and proud to be the only stockist in Australia.



In the mountain village of Stipsi at the north of Lesvos, the cultivating of olive trees is a living part of a centuries old tradition which continues to play a basic role in everyday life. The Agricultural Olive oil co-operative pf Stipsi was founded in 1928 and since then is the center of this activity for all of us.

We continue and evolve for more than 90 years with the support and efforts of our cultivators, in order to provide to our clients the highest quality products and services. The extra virgin olive oil produced by the Agricultural Olive oil co-operative of Stipsi comes from the variety of adramitini olive, from which it gains its golden yellow colour. It’s a fruity olive oil with high nutritional value and special character which can be compared only by a few in the Mediterranean region.

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